All Academia, indicaciones en las calles de Venecia

Venecia lleva recibiendo turistas desde hace un buen puñado de años. Era una parte esencial del Grand Tour, que comenzó en el siglo XVII. Por eso, indicaciones como las de arriba, llamadas nizioleti, existen por toda la ciudad. Puedes imaginarte al diletante noble, dieciochesco, recién descendido del barco y queriendo…

A frieze with Tuscan columns, flowers and brucaniums

Or how to solve puzzles in architecture and art (and tourism) using wisely your search engine

Pulled pork pizza with sweet corn
This is a pulled pork pizza. Homemade by yours truly.

That make everyone’s life easier (including your own)

Most code is added to the main branch via pull requests. Many eyes (and tests) find more bugs or simply confusing code that just your own, so most projects nowadays, either closed- or open source, incorporate code to the main branch only through PRs. That’s just as well, but there…

Because the future is in the cloud(s)

Sounding a bugle to the clouds (from the roof of the Deutches Museum)

A few years ago, I attended MS Build invited by Microsoft (and wrote about it quite extensively here). I guess that, in a way, I saw the light. But the light I saw was that of a cloud-centric future with a side serving of artificial intelligence.

These are the notes…

It’s one of the best experiences you can have as a coder

A Mac Air

This is kinda a reply to this article stating exactly the opposite: you should never code for a startup. As matter of fact, you needn’t dig a lot to find another article that says you should never do any kind of work for a startup.

Well, my experience has been exactly the opposite. All my stints outside academia have been in startups. All of them amazing experience. And it’s been so for the following reasons

  1. You will never be in a silo. Big or medium size companies, they hire you for doing front-end development, you’ll…

The Larries are sometimes the first to fail reviews or to be fired. Or to go to a place where they're paid better leaving a mess of barely comprehensible legacy code. Larry will probably be OK no matter what. But having Larry on a team? Not so keen on that.

A slight change of perspective might help a bit here. As a senior developer, you're not so much expected to produce code as to help the team produce better code. Your code does not matter so much, and code *ownership* does not matter so much either. It's the whole team that, through code writing and reviews, produces quality code.

I'm not totally sure if this is a plain exercise in provocation or a real argument. I'm going to bite and treat it as the latter.

The first paragraph is quite revealing. It is equivalent to saying that open source software can't really be avoided. You probably have no alternative…

I get it. You don't like the GPL.

Other than that, free software (which, BTW, is also called libre software, to emphasize the freedom aspect as opposed to the free as in free beer aspect) runs the world now, and it does so because it's free. So, the thing with the time passing on free software? Not gonna happen.

Es complicado iniciar un camino si no sabes a dónde vas a llegar.

La cumbre, un poco difusa

Todos los años tutorizo unos cuantos trabajos fin de grado y máster, y evalúo unos cuantos en un tribunal. En general, casi todos plantean los objetivos de la forma siguiente.

  1. Voy a hacer A.
  2. Luego haré B.
  3. Y luego C.

Efectivamente, se hace A, B y C de mejor o…

JJ Merelo

I’m just realizing I might smile too much, and that shows in the pictures. Day job: U. of Granada prof. On the side: blogger @jjmerelo and writer @lujoyglamour

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